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Sophia Bush - On the set of 'Extra' at 'The Grove' in LA 11-1-10

Graphics #1

Sophia Bush - On the join with of 'Extra' at 'The Grove' in LA 11-1-10
15 JPG | 2000x3000 to 2800x3900 | 16,3 mb
American actress

Like a chance of girls born into the upper-middle-class suburb of Pasadena, CA, Sophia Bush caught a whiff of the Hollywood air just down the road and took an interest in acting at an early age. After getting her feet very damp in

Views: 0 Author: Root 4-11-2010, 16:46 Comments (0) More

VA - 80s Movie Hits (2007) HQ

Music #2
VA - 80s Movie Hits (2007) HQ

VA - 80s Movie Hits (2007) HQ
Year Of Release: 2007 | Format: Mp3 | Quality: CBR 320 kbps | Total Size: 315 mb
Genre: Soundtrack | Label: Universal Music

Views: 0 Author: devilreload 16-02-2012, 21:23 Comments (0) More

1CLICK DVD Converter v2.2.2.3

Software #3
1CLICK DVD Converter v2.2.2.3
1CLICK DVD Converter v2.2.2.3 | 9.1 MB

1CLICK DVD Converter - software that can quickly convert DVD movies (and episodes) in the video, suitable for viewing on a variety of media devices such as iPod, iPhone, Creative Labs Zen, Apple TV, Archos, Sony PSP, Generic DivX, Microsoft Zune. 1CLICK DVD Converter converts any type of good DVD. With this program you can will convert your favorite movies from a DVD into a format suitable for a mobile player (iPod, iPhone, Creative Labs Zen, Sony PSP, Apple TV, Archos, Generic DivX, Microsoft Zune) with a single click. Using 1CLICK DVD Converter is very easy. You can convert not only the whole movie as a whole, but individual chapters of your choice. The program allows you to adjust the scale of the video image, video quality, resolution, choice of device on which you will watch this video.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 19-03-2012, 16:17 Comments (0) More

Lumion sp2 build 7 basic x86

Software » Graphics & Design #4
Lumion sp2 build 7 basic x86

Lumion sp2 build 7 (basic) x86 [2011, ENG] | 4.09 GB

Bug fixes: - Removed unnecessary reflections on the cars. - Billboards again rendered correctly. - is now possible to illuminate all surfaces in the "Edit materials "without moving the camera (?). - Shift + Move now works in the animation of objects.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 18-02-2012, 05:50 Comments (0) More

Nero Video 11.0.10700 Cracked

Software » Multimedia #5
Nero Video 11.0.10700 Cracked
Nero Video 11.0.10700 Cracked | 961 MB

Nero Video - is a powerful and very easy to use application for editing video, which can be used to quickly create professional-looking applications. Nero Video allows you to work in the rapid-editing mode, based on templates and presentation of the storyboard, which is very easy to learn video editing skills. In Advanced mode provides more options and better opportunities, professional editing.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 30-03-2012, 18:15 Comments (0) More

WM Recorder 14.10.1 -Dumm

Multimedia, Software #6
WM Recorder 14.10.1 -Dumm

WM Recorder 14.10.1 | 23 Mb

WM Recorder - Very good program for recording streams Windows Media. To record a media stream to a file, you must run and enable recording directly before clicking links on web-page on which to begin media playback. There's also a mode with a URL-address, which is important, for example, when listening to Internet radio, where the flow is virtually no end. Although the setup program and are not rich, they can not be neglected, for example, if you do not put a check mark next to the item "Seekable": the files will be impossible to "rewind" with the scroll bar.
Views: 0 Author: Chibulba 18-10-2011, 17:23 Comments (0) More

iLife '11 For Dummies

E-Books #7
iLife '11 For Dummies
iLife '11 For Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies | February, 2011 | 448 pages | English | ISBN-10: 0470581727 | 39.9 MB
Views: 0 Author: herosmile32 27-07-2011, 13:14 Comments (0) More

Corel Digital Studio Inc. Tutorial for Digital Studio-2010

Software #8

Corel Digital Studio Inc. Tutorial against Digital Studio-2010 | 1.06 GB

Photo editing and movie workmanship software. For the first time on the PC, Corel Digital Studio 2010 brings photo editing, movie structure, DVD/AVCHD burning, creative projects and easy sharing software together, through one common look and feel that makes your digital experience

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Software » Multimedia #9

DVD-Ranger | 19.5 MB

With more than 8 years experience in delivering highly secure and readily available revolutionary recording and copying applications, no one knows more about DVD copy than Pixbyte Development. DVD-Ranger is comprehensive, advanced copying software for video DVD backups on any device. DVD-Ranger was created in order to maximize the DVD copying experience, while adhering to strict international copyright laws.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 1-10-2012, 05:00 Comments (0) More

Titans of Yoga

E-Books #10
Titans of Yoga

Titans of Yoga
English | m4v | h264 | 714x480 | 30fps | 16:9 | Mp3 131kbps 48000hz | 700Mb
Genre: Video Training

For the first time ever, TITANS OF YOGA brings together twenty-five of the most prominent figures in the worlds of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, from Dr. Dean Ornish, a physician consultant to President Clinton, to Lilias Folan, the First Lady of Yoga.As they share their own life experiences from the tragic to the ecstatic, the Titans embark on a journey of self-discovery that touches and inspires. Their tales of addiction and depression, an HIV positive diagnosis and a penchant for sex, drugs and rock-and-roll will move you as they share how they overcame these challenges and transformed them into their greatest life victories.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 22-08-2012, 00:30 Comments (0) More

History Channel: Egypt Land of the Gods (2002)_WOC

Movies » TV Shows #11

History Channel: Egypt Land of the Gods (2002)

DVDRip | English | 3 hours | 720x480 | DiVX | 25fps | mp3-118 Kbps | 1.39 Gb
Gener: Documentary | History

This four-~y documentary series was aired in the United States by the History Channel cable network. Using a combination of location footage, interviews, and close-ups of unfrequent artifacts, the series explo

Views: 0 Author: Root 28-10-2010, 06:34 Comments (0) More

WM Recorder v14.10.1

Software » Multimedia #12
WM Recorder v14.10.1
WM Recorder v14.10.1 | 25.2 MB

WM Recorder - one of the best programs for automatic recording of everything you watch and listen online to your hard drive. It supports almost all popular streaming formats and protocols. Streaming data is captured and stored in a file that can later be reproduced in any media player.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 16-02-2012, 20:54 Comments (0) More

Apple Inc iMovie 1.1 iPhone iPod Touch

--- #13

Apple Inc iMovie 1.1 iPhone iPod Touch | 34 MB

Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fun, feature-rich video editing app thats designed since Multi-Touch. Create a video postcard of your day at the marge and publish it to the web without leaving your spot without ceasing the sand. Or make a movie of your childs birthday faction and send it to your parent

Views: 0 Author: Root 28-10-2010, 16:34 Comments (0) More

Ripit 1.6.5 Mac OSX

Software » For MacOSX #14
Ripit 1.6.5 Mac OSX
Ripit 1.6.5 Mac OSX | 8.25 MB

RipIt gets your movies off the disc and onto your Mac, where its easier to find, organize and play them.
Views: 0 Author: KingOfDCP 27-07-2012, 06:41 Comments (0) More

Joboshare iPod Rip

Software #15
Joboshare iPod Rip

Joboshare iPod Rip | 6.8 MB

Joboshare iPod Rip is easy-to-use iPod rip, iPod backup, iPod transfer software which can fast rip, copy and transfer your music, movie, photo, ePub, pdf, audiobook, voice memo, camera roll (iOS 4 above), Podcast and TV Show from iPod to computer and vice versa even without iTunes. All formats compatible with iPod are supported. Moreover, Joboshare iPod Rip helps you create, edit, delete and transfer iPod playlists. With the professional iPod rip software, you can copy files among multiple iPods (iPod to iPod) at one time. With installation of iTunes, Joboshare iPod Rip can even transfer music, videos, photos and so on between your iPhone and iPod.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 19-06-2012, 05:38 Comments (0) More

F.E.A.R 3 XBOX360 (2011) ENG

Games, Console Games #16
F.E.A.R 3 XBOX360 (2011) ENG

F.E.A.R 3 XBOX360 | 5.94 GB
Developer: Day 1 Studios
Platforms: Xbox 360 | Release Date: June 21, 2011
Genre: First-person shooter, horror

Description: Nine months ago, the F.E.A.R. Point Man and his squad were tapped to end an unknown man who had commandeered a battalion of Replica supersoliders in the Armacham research facility inside Northwestern US capital of scotland- Fairport. Throughout the mission, the actual Man learned that the guy isn't working alone - in fact, the very people the actual Man was ordered to subdue were his telepathic, cannibalistic brother, Paxton Fettel, and his tortured and psychically powerful mother, Alma Wade - products of Armacham Technology Corporations perverse paranormal experiments. In spite of this revelation, the actual Man moved on with standing F.E.A.R. team orders to end the targets at any cost. Inside a last-ditch seek to end the pairs homicidal rampage, the F.E.A.R. team set in place an explosive combination of events that seemingly accomplished their goal, but at the cost of ravaging the town, its inhabitants and many of the Point Mans squad mates.
Four months following your blast, events in Fairport have elected it clear that Almas psychic influence survived - and worse, her paranormal power is growing and spilling into reality. Now her supernatural agony repeatedly rocks the town as she tries to secure the survival of her bloodline and reunite her family. Armachams security force remains violently dedicated to eliminating all evidence of the events inside city, as well as remaining F.E.A.R squad remains the pursuit for stop Alma.
Views: 0 Author: Chibulba 18-06-2011, 08:08 Comments (0) More

Win 7 Ultimate x32 SP1 Mini

Software » Operating System #17
Win 7 Ultimate x32 SP1 Mini

Win 7 Ultimate x32 SP1 Mini | 383.79 MB

Views: 0 Author: mibpaparatsy 15-10-2011, 17:44 Comments (0) More

Cross 2011 DVDRip XviD-FRAGM3NT

Movies #18
Cross 2011 DVDRip XviD-FRAGM3NT

Cross 2011 DVDRip XviD-FRAGM3NT

Genre: Action | Fantasy
DVDRip | AVI | English | 1h 44m | 624x352 | XviD - 793 kbps | MP3 - 128 kbps | 700 MB
screen shot:
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WebcamMax Multilanguage

Software » Internet Tools #19
WebcamMax Multilanguage

WebcamMax Multilanguage | 28.6 MB

WebCamMax - advanced utility to work with a webcam. The program, which adds amazing video effects to all webcams, even without a real camera. The program can be used by default in applications such as ICQ, AIM, MSN, Camfrog, Skype, Paltalk, Yahoo, ANYwebcam, Stickam. You can configure WebcamMax Full so that she would begin to operate and maintain broadcast from the camera only when the lens will lock the movement.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 4-04-2012, 10:54 Comments (0) More

MorphAge Pro 4.1.2 (Mac Os X)

Software » For MacOSX #20
MorphAge Pro 4.1.2 (Mac Os X)

MorphAge Pro 4.1.2 | Mac Os X | 19 MB

Morph Age is an application for morphing/warping images and movies on Mac OS X, such as faces, and save the result to a QuickTime movie. Morph Age works by allowing you to define curves on one or more images. Any change made on the curves is reflected on the resulting image through the corresponding distortion and morphing effect. Morph Age can also work from QuickTime movies as curves can be animated with key-framed motion. One talking face can be morphed into another talking face as they are talking!
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 26-06-2012, 15:39 Comments (0) More

Boilsoft Video Joiner v6.57.13

Software » Multimedia #21
Boilsoft Video Joiner v6.57.13

Boilsoft Video Joiner 6.57.13 | 10.7 MB

Our Boilsoft Video Joiner (formerly AVI/MPEG/RM/WMV Joiner) is the comprehensive and easy solution!! Using our AVI/MPEG/RM Joiner, you can Merge / join multiple AVI, MPEG(MPG), RM(Real Media) or ASF/WMV video files into one "non-stop" file. It's easy and fast! Just a couple of mouse clicks, you can enjoy your movie clips without break... AVI Joiner, MPEG Joiner, RM Joiner, WMV/ASF Joiner all-in-one.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 22-08-2012, 01:17 Comments (0) More

DVD X Studios CloneDVD 6 Final

Software #22
DVD X Studios CloneDVD 6 Final

DVD X Studios CloneDVD | 37 Mb

CloneDVD - make perfect copies of any DVD movies! CloneDVD is a flexible and easy to use DVD copy software which empowers you to clone any DVD to DVD, DVD to ISO, and DVD to movie files (AVI, ASF, iPod MP4, PSP MP4, 3GP, etc.) Without special setting, CloneDVD automatically removes all protections (CSS, RC, RCE, UOPs and Sony ARccOS) during the process of copying, lets you freely copy all of your DVD movie collections. DVD movie conversion, make you freely convert DVD as various multi-media files to expand your multimedia entertainment on most popular portable devices (Apple iPod, PSP, Zune, Smart Phone, etc. CloneDVD is a high-quality, user-friendly DVD copy software program. With multiple copying options, your source and/or target file can be a DVD disc, movie folder or an ISO file from your computer. This software program also has a powerful transcode engine, supporting compression of a DVD-9 movie to fit on a DVD-5 disc.
Views: 0 Author: mrriver92 3-12-2012, 01:12 Comments (0) More

Avi2Dvd v0.6.1 Portable

Software #23
Avi2Dvd v0.6.1 Portable

Avi2Dvd v0.6.1 Portable

Avi2Dvd v0.6.1 Portable | 56.5 Mb
Avi2Dvd is a tool for converting video AVI, OGM, MKV, WMV to DVD, SVCD and VCD. The program supports multiple languages, including Portuguese. Thus, the use becomes even simpler.
The inexperienced can use video conversion program quietly, because besides the language understandable Avi2Dvd brings a sequence of step by step to the conversion of this video, with the possibility of creating a semi-professional menu for DVDs
Five steps to finalize and
Views: 0 Author: alaxupload 11-01-2011, 12:44 Comments (0) More

The Mist (2007) BRRip H264 NEO

Movies #24
The Mist (2007) BRRip H264 NEO

The Mist (2007) BRRip H264
English | 125 Min | 7200 x 384 | H264 - 1702 Kbps | 23.976 fps | AAC - 124 Kbps | 1.50 GB
Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Everyone thought of it as a harmless lightning storm. When Dave Drayton notices a strange mist on the lake, he thinks nothing of it. When his son, Billy Drayton, his neighbor Brent Norton, and himself travel to the supermarket, the unthinkable happens. On their way to the market, they see the army, the firefighters, and the police, heading toward the mist. When he sees this Brent mentions something about "Project Arrowhead", a secret military plan that no one knows about. As they are shopping, they see three army men walk in, just to pick up a few things then head toward the mist. All eighty of the store's shoppers had no clue what was going on until an old man runs in the market with a bloody nose and declares "Something in the mist!" He tells them to close the door. About five seconds after they do close the door, the entire store shakes, as though it was lifted feet above the ground. When David is asked to check on the generator...
Views: 0 Author: Chibulba 14-06-2011, 03:12 Comments (0) More

Duke Nukem Forever REPACK-KaOs

Games #25
Duke Nukem Forever REPACK-KaOs

Duke Nukem Forever REPACK-KaOs
English | Platform: PC | Release: June 14, 2011 | Publisher: 2K Games | Developer: Triptych Games | RIP | 2.09 GB
Genre: First-Person Shooter

The hypocrisy of Duke Nukem Forever's distaste for new shooter heroes is clear early in the game. Duke is disgusted when offered a Halo-like suit of armor, asserting that his unassailable machismo is more resilient than any association with modernized entries of a genre he helped define in the mid-1990s.
Views: 0 Author: mrblack2015 30-08-2011, 16:31 Comments (0) More

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